A Mumbai based classical, semi-classical, light and western music vocalist and a successful teacher in the field of classical music with a goal to develop talented musicians as well as upcoming artists.

“Music is the power of life which has the capacity to overcome each sorrow and make life beautiful by uniting the people despite any possible differences between them.”

photo of Kedar D.

With this sole thought in mind, Kedar Pradeep Dhond, a versatile musician, a six-time Swanand Sangeet Sabha Prize winner for Classical and Light Music, three-time winner of the Swar Sadhana Samiti's prize for Classical and Light-classical Music, and twice the winner of the Sharada Sangeet Vidyalaya's Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Award began his experiments with music at the age of seven. Kedar was born on 6th April 1995, with music as an inevitable element in his genes. From his childhood, his musical intelligence made him popular among his friends, teachers and school.

Curiosity and interest to explore the infinite melodies in music through the intense wish, hard work and dedication to learn vocal music and many other musical instruments helped Kedar conquer the world of music at very early age. Kedar mastered 'Khayal Gayaki' in Hindustani Classical Vocal with an in-depth knowledge of various Ragas and Talas.

He completed 'Sangeet Visharad' from 'Akhil Bharatiya Gaandharv Mahavidyalaya' University, and began performing in various programmes as well as performing in his individual concerts. To date, he has participated in and won many competitions of Indian Classical, Semi Classical and Light Music. He is a professional Harmonium and Tabla player, and teaches Classical Singing to many students of different age groups. He did not stop his musical pursuits after mastering Indian Classical Music, but continued with his interest in Western Music. After attaining command over vocal skills in Western Music, since 2016, Kedar began to write, compose and record his own English Songs.

He has contributed to various versatile and creative projects. Being a vocalist, he also has also got a keen interest in professional sound recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Practicing vocals of different styles made Kedar aware of the differences between them, which helped him in simplifying difficult concepts in Classical music to his students. He works with an aim to develop talented upcoming musicians and artists.

This biography is based largely on an interview conducted with Kedar D. in December 2018 and on materials prepared by Lisa Curry. 

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