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Professional Musician and Independent Music Teacher

In-depth knowledge of Hindustani Classical Vocal with guaranteed certification under Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal. From building up the base for a good voice to being a professional singer, Kedar provides you the guidance for your developement at every stage.

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Let's understand, in short, what Indian Classical Music is!

Indian Classical Music has a rich tradition of around 2000 years. It consists of a melody of twelve 'Swaras' - SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI as 'SHUDDHA' (major) 'swaras', with RE, GA, DHA, NI also as 'KOMAL' (minor) 'swaras', and one MA also as 'TIVRA' 'swar', along with rhythm called 'Taal'. The individual Swara represents a different scriptural deity. 'Shruti' is also the major notable characteristic in Indian Music which denotes the smallest interval of pitch that the human ear can detect. So, naturally, Indian Classical Music can be said to be the source of every type of music from around the world.

The melody of Ragas, consisting of different combinations of Shrutis, are based on the Navrasas i.e. the Nine Sentiments, and they also correlate with different seasons and different times of a day. So, it is called 'Ranjayati Iti Raga' in Sanskrit, which means ‘which colours the mind is raga’. Indian Classical Music has the power to include and express each shade of human emotion. That's why the learning of Indian Classical Music prepares a singer to adapt to any other variety of music easily and fluently.

Every culture has music at its core and India is not an exception to that. Indian classical music does not only entertain the listeners, but it gives a soothing and healing effect. Music Therapy is said to be called ‘Gandharva Ved’ in Ayurveda. Researchers say that Hindustani classical music has the ability to improve concentration, develop the memory, maintain heartbeats and blood pressure, and control the effects of stress etc. Research has also proved that music has the capacity to enrich the prenatal development of children. Indian classical music boosts the processing of special reasoning in the brain. Specific ragas from Indian Classical are said to have specific impacts. E.g. Raga Todi is good for controlling heart diseases, Darbari for stress, headache etc.

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